Values of laser welding

● Higher welding efficiency than traditional TIG/MIG welding by 2-10 times.
● More friendly to environment, consuming less electric power for the same welding job.
● More friendly to welders and operators by eliminating hazards to human body.
● Easier to achieve high-quality welding results, especially with aluminum.
● Easy to use and to learn about operation.
● Digital control system, allowing parameters to be saved and retrieved.
● Safety design to turn off laser at the right time.

RML 1500 / 2000 6000 H
Handheld Laser Welding System

Standard packages:
● Laser source;
● Cooling unit;
● Hand-held 3-in-1 laser
● head with holder;
● Wire-feeder;

System configuration
Laser source
Laser head
Operational Interface
Applications photos

● Metal fabrication workshops
● Automotive components;
● Maintenance engineering
● Piping and steel construction;
● Furniture, kitchen products;
● Cabinets;
● Medical devices

Welding positions under easy management