RobotMeta Pro


Full-function and professional robotic control system purposely designed for MIG/MAG/TIG and laser welding.
* Supporting MetaMIG series, and digital communication with robotic MIG/MAG equipments like Aotai, Binzel iMIG series, Kemppi A7, MEGMEET, Miller XMT and Invision series.
* Full-function configuration of parameters for synergic and pulse MIG/MAG/TIG, and weaving.
* Applicable with robotic laser welding equipment with full-function interface.
* Applicable with torch cleaning stations.
* Capable of working with multiple welding stations.
* Recommended to control with up to 3 external axis (track or positioner) with synchronization, or 6 external axis with extra cabinet.
* Prepared to work with robotic laser sensor for optical seam tracking.
* Touch-sensing, seam-tracking-thru-arc as standard.
* Supporting logic programming.


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