Unveiling a New Chapter of Robotic Welding in Indonesia: a groundbreaking collaboration between RobotMeta and Kawan Lama Group (https://www.kawanlama.com) in Indonesia and participating in MANUFACTURING INDONESIA EXHIBITION 2023.
RobotMeta’s super easy-to-use and ready-to-weld robotics technology takes center stage with AOTAI’s welding equipment, demonstrating unparalleled solution and efficiency in robotic MIG/MAG welding solution during the fair, and robotic TIG, robotic laser welding in future expansion.
In Indonesia, Kawan Lama Group has been the market leader in supplying high-performance & professional welding products, and will elevate robotic welding to new coverange and new level of utility, ensuring top-tier solutions for Indonesian metal fabricators, especially SMEs.
Find your best robotic welding solution in: robot-meta.com.

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